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Safety Alerts

The National PTA has partnered with Consumer Reports and the National School Boards Association to form the School Safety Alert Program. The School Safety Alert program located at www.consumerreports.org/schoolsafety will alert parents, school administrators, and educators immediately to imminent dangers and allow them to remove potentially dangerous even lethal products from their homes and schools.

Megan's Law

The Megan's Law web site lists designated registered sex offenders in California and actions you can take to protect your family.

Sun Safety fo Kids

How to be safe in the sun

sun safety for kids

UV Index

The Importance of SunScreen (added 26 Jun 2012)





What is bullying?

Bullying is a willful, conscious desire to hurt another person.

  • It is intentional (on purpose)
  • It is repetitive
  • It often involves an imbalance of power. (this can be physical or psychological)

Examples: being teased repeatedly, hit, kicked, threatened or EXCLUDED with the intent to hurt the other person.

Most children do not intentionally hurt others and the peer group usually serves as a balance to ensure that normal play does not escalate into either aggression or bullying.

What can children do if they are bullied?

  • Walk away
  • Team up with friends

What can parents do to help if they think their child is being a victim of bullying?

Encourage your child to tell his/her teacher or another staff member. The school cannot help your child if they don't know. Please follow through with a parent contact with your child's teacher. Be a good listener and serve as a model for your child.

What can our school do to help?

As the school counselor, I meet with students who complain of being victims of bullying and work with those individuals in a variety of ways, depending on the situation. I also counsel those individuals who are doing the bullying. Parents of both victims' and bullies are always informed!

However, research shows the best way to handle bullying is in the classroom. At Mason, many of our staff members are teaching the Second Step Program. This is a RESULTS BASED anti-bullying program. Please feel free to Google Second Steps to find out more about the program. Our teachers also hold class meetings to assist students in understanding the steps in problem solving and to solve those problems as they occur. This is also a time of giving and receiving compliments, a wonderful deterrent to bullying!

Books on Bullying:

  • Stop Picking on Me by Pat Thomas,
  • The Meanest Things to Say by Bill Cosby
  • "Stop the Bullying" Video by U.S Dept of Health and Human Services, National Bullying Prevention Campaign
  • More information can be found at www.stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov

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