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Dear Mason Parents, Staff, and Friends,

You would do anything you could to help the children in your lives. So would we. We are Mason PTA (Parent/Teacher Association). We want to create an atmosphere where teachers and administrators can do their best work, and so can our children. There is a lot to do, and we need your help.

Download and the membership application in English and Spanish and enclose it with your $10.00 dues in an envelope and return it to your child’s teacher, the school office or by mail.

You’ll get the membership card, and your children will have the benefit of knowing you care enough about their education to do something about it.

Please join Mason PTA today!

Your dues provide funding for our local unit and support the San Diego Council, Ninth District, State, and National PTAs. Through these organizations, you have access to many valuable on-line parenting and education resources as well as discounts at Barnes & Noble, Office Depot and other organizations that are PTA partners. But more important, your membership sends the signal that you are involved in your child’s school and care about their education. Studies have shown that students whose parents are involved in their school do better in the classroom. Who wouldn’t want that?

Check out www.pta.org for more information about your PTA benefits and read our Welcome Letter in English and Spanish.

Please join Mason PTA. Our goal is to have at least one family member and every staff member represented. You can be a voice for your children, and all children. Share your concerns and ideas with other parents and educators and we will share ours with you.

If you would like to volunteer to help in a PTA activity during the year – we welcome you! If not, that’s ok - your membership is what is important because it shows your PRIDE in our school.

Thank you for your support. We appreciate it!


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