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President Point March

Hello again my lion friends!

Thank you for your support of our book fair. We met our goal again this year, our
teachers received many new books because of your generosity and I believe many of our lions ended up with some new spring break reading material.

We are quickly closing out this school year and that means I will be saying good bye to you as your PTA president. I'm not going far though as all four of my lion cubs will be here at Mason next school year.

It does mean that many of our board members will be moving on and we are looking for fabulous parents and grandparents to continue to support our lions through the PTA. We have lots of activities perfect for every type of parent whether you work at home or away from home.

Please seriously consider lending out your talent or time. Our lions have been graced with many opportunities because you support them with fundraisers and events but these don't happen by themselves so we need your help.

You will be getting a flier home asking for your talent and time. Please fill it out and send it in. Lend us your three hours a little at a time or all at once. Show your children by example how you volunteer and watch them find their own ways to lend a hand in this world.

Stephanie Lawrence

President Point February

Hello Mason Lions!

Welcome back. Thank you for your support that you have given our school and our Lions thus far. I love seeing all our Lions
smiling faces at school and in the community everyday.

Many of our Lions have already gone on field trips and many more students will be going so please remember your support helps to provide these opportunities and much more.

We still need your support for our upcoming Book Fair and if you haven't joined the PTA it's not too late. Thank you to all those who have joined.

Join us at the next Mira Mesa cluster meeting February 24th as the Mira Mesa schools discuss security and the school calendar issues with traditional and year round tracks.

Please remember we need your support to help provide our Lions with great educational opportunities outside of the classroom so join the PTA and support our events.

Join us for Read Across America and support our Lions with great reading materials from the book fair.

Stephanie Lawrence
Mason Elementary PTA President

President Point December

Happy Holidays Mason Lions.

I can't believe how fast this school year seems to be flying by. We are rapidly approaching our winter break. The PTA would like to wish all our Mason families a safe and happy break.

This is the time of year when giving and good will seems to be abundant and our wish is that we can carry those feeling throughout the year. With some of the recent tragedies like the Hurricanes in the Philippines many of our families have been greatly affected and have directly felt the suffering.

May we continue to rally around those in need whatever the season and remember we are all one family here at Mason. May we continue to lend a hand to others, offer our friendship to those that need a friend and a warm smile to those around us. We never know what others may be facing but a smile, a hug, or just knowing that someone cares can make all the

Wishing you all safe and happy holidays.
Stephanie Lawrence

President Point November

Hello Mason Lions,

As we practice gratitude this month I just want you all to know how grateful I am for all the support our Mason families have shown for the school. Our fall fundraiser was a huge success thanks to you. We look forward to many great fieldtrips, performances and programs for our students. Don't forget to volunteer your time, talent or continue to support us indirectly with Boxtops, E-scripts, Labels for Education, and your Target card. If you plan on attending an event lend us your talent and time. Just three hours a year is what we ask for and there are many projectsyou can take home to finish. 

Thank you for your continued support as we work together to make the future brighter for all our students. 

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.-- Nelson Mandela

Stephanie Lawrence
Mason Elementary PTA President

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